Varied Aquatic Life

What Aquatic life to expect at Gildenburgh Water

Let our Dive In video instructor, Jane, present this page to you in the video below…

Aquatic Life

Gildenburgh Water is one of the best freshwater photographic locations in Britain hosting some of the best aquatic life.. It often appears on magazine front covers, captured by top underwater photographers. No fishing is allowed in the lake, and the only power boat permitted is our rescue boat. This minimal disturbance to the water, combined with the heavy clay bottom-composition, results in consistently-good underwater visibility. The lake never suffers from green algae bloom, a common problem with other diving lakes.

Over the years we’ve also carried out a fish restocking program, and the lake is currently populated by attractive shoals of roach, tench, and rudd, as well as numerous record size perch, mirror carp and pike. Recent additions to the fish population have been 6 beautiful large koi carp and a sturgeon. Depending on the time of year, sometimes divers are lucky enough to spot large eels from the Sargasso Sea, swimming freely around. And of course, the underwater branches, ropes and platform structures are all covered with freshwater mussels.
Some areas of the lake are bordered by reed beds, and this is where the fish dart in and out, and pike lurk in wait for their prey. Here you’ll be able to set up dramatic underwater shots, with the light filtering down through the reeds.