Dive In

The Highest-Rated PADI Centre in the UK!

(PADI is short for the Professional Association of Diving Instructors)

We’ve been diving since 1967, and offer a full range of PADI programs for everyone—from absolute beginners to experienced pros.

Dive In serves over 50,000 divers annually, offering all you need

  • The most experienced dive team in the country
  • Professional instructors
  • Attractive programs and payment options
  • Quality equipment for rent or purchase
  • Indoor pool
  • On-site diving lake brimming with appealing features and fascinating creatures
  • Clean air station
  • Well-stocked dive shop
  • Relaxing pub and restaurant
  • Extensive parking

About Our Company

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Discuss Diving With Us Personally

If you would like to discuss diving with us email us at pauline@divein.co.uk or you can call Pauline Forster on 01733 351288.