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We have a massive range of courses for divers of all skill!

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Check out the course prices below!

Our course prices should be referred to in conjunction with the relevant course leaflet, as with some of the speciality and professional-level courses there are materials and equipment to be taken into consideration, which will affect the final course price.

Bubblemaker: £44 (special offers sometimes available – check for details)

Seal Team: 5 sessions at £35 per session, plus crewpack £49 (payable in instalments)

Master Seal Team: 10 sessions at £25 per session (payable in instalments)

Discover Scuba: £44 (special offers sometimes applicable – check for details)

Reactivate (Scuba Review): from £50, depending on what is required.

Skin Diver: £85

Scuba Diver: £320 (with £30 reduction for the 2nd and subsequent person booking)

Open Water Referral : £349 (with £30 reduction for the 2nd and subsequent person booking)

Open Water Diver : £399 + £50 Materials pack = £449 (with £30 reduction for the 2nd and subsequent person booking)

Advanced Open Water Diver : £310 comprising £50 per dive X 5 dives + £60 certification plus manual.

Emergency First Response – Primary and Secondary Care & Care for Children: £95

Rescue Diver: £250 (with £15 reduction for the 2ndand subsequent person booking)

Divemaster: £639

Assistant Instructor: £943

Open Water Instructor: £617

9-day IDC (AI & OWSI combined): £1449

Specialities: £50 per dive, and £60 certification + manual or less is manual is not available (refer to speciality pages for information of total dives per speciality)

Enriched Air: £129 (includes materials)

AWARE Coral Reef: £55

Equipment Speciality: £90

Full-Face Mask: £180

Tec 40: £295