Equipment Servicing and Diving Cylinder Testing!

Get your equipment serviced here, with high expertise in Diving Cylinder Testing!

We are equipped and staffed to service and test a wide range of equipment, from diving cylinder testing too drysuit repairs. Depending on the time of year, our turn-round is 7-10 days. The end of year and Easter can be particularly busy, so you may need to allow more time around those periods.


We are full-service dealers for: AP Valves, Apex, Aqualung, Atomic, Beuchat, Cressi, Mares, Oceanic, Poseidon, Scubapro, Seac Sub and Sherwood.


Our drysuit repair centre caters mainly for membrane suits, with full seal replacement facilities.

Diving Cylinder Testing

IDEST Test Centre 1Q has been established at Gildenburgh since 1987. Hydrotestingand visual inspections, valve service, shotblasting, repainting are all completed usually within 7-10 days. Certificates are supplied after successful servicing/testing.

diving cylinder testing

Air Cylinder

Oxygen cleaning

We are qualified to oxygen clean and service regulators, valves and cylinders. Check with us beforehand that the make/model of your valve is suitable for O2 cleaning.


The servicing/testing prices by equipment are listed below. In all cases replacement parts, as required, are an additional charge at the manufacturer’s specified prices.


 Regulator 1st stage, Primary 2nd stage & octopus  £40.85 + parts
 Regulator 1st stage,& Primary 2nd stage  £30.60 + parts
 O2 clean (at time of service) – add  £5.10


With emergency cylinder  £25.50
Without emergency cylinder  £15.30
Buddy Auto Air / Scubapro Air-2 – add  £10.20


 Drysuit Valve (To Fit)  £10.20
 Drysuit Valve (Service) £7.65
 Cuff Seal Replacement (per cuff) £20.00
 Neck Seal Replacement (membrane)  £40.00
 Neoprene Suit repairs – as per manufacturer’s prices
 Drysuit Pressure test £15.30


Wetsuit repairs on request


Suunto Computer Battery Change  £38-£45
Uwatec Computer Battery Change  £poa
Watch Batteries – as per manufacturer’s price list


Visual inspection  £20.50
Hydrostatic inspection  £26.00
Internal Shot Blast (dependent on severity)  £15.50 – £20
O2 clean  £19.00
Manifolded Twinset – as above plus £5 on manifold valve service
Valve service is compulsory  £10.50 + parts
Ancillary fittings assembly charge  £20 per hour

Mail Order Servicing:

We can ship to anywhere in the UK usually within 24hrs at a cost of £10 per item.

Fast Track Servicing:

Normal turn around is 7-10 days, we can offer an emergency fast track option for any equipment that needs to be serviced urgently for whatever reason, this option will be an additional £10 to your service fee.

Important Note:

We currently have a quantity of diving equipment that we have serviced, but it has never been collected (despite reminders being sent several times). Some of this dates back over 5 years.

Act NOW or forfeit your equipment!