Safe Scuba Diving

10 Powerful & Easy-To-Implement Tips
That Make Diving Safer!

If you’re into diving then you clearly relish adventure

Scuba diving is one of the most adventurous activities you can do,
but it wouldn’t be adventurous without risks.

It’s how you manage those risks that determines your ultimate safe,
enjoyment of this exciting activity.

Whether you already dive or want to learn,
you’re just a minute away from tried and tested steps
that will enhance your diving safety.

As the Founder and Chief Instructor
of PADI’s top-rated UK dive centre, Dive In,
who’s been diving Britain’s Secret Seas for 44 years,
Ian Forster has got his team to produce a report
PLUS a video PLUS an MP3 in which he reveals …

    • The 2 things you need to have before you even THINK about diving
    • Beginner mistakes you absolutely need to avoid no matter what
    • The speed at which you should ascend
      if your equipment manufacturer hasn’t provided any guidelines
    • Breathing: The don’ts when diving!
    • 15+ pieces of equipment you should possess
      if you are at all serious about scuba diving

And much more!
Yet it only takes a few minutes to watch.

Here’s What You Get!

Top 10 Tips for Safe Diving Report


Bonus #1:

Top 10 Tips Video


Bonus #2:

Top 10 TipsĀ “iPod Ready” mp3

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