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Andy Gilbert

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Personal Story

I then studied for a degree with the Open University that took up all my time. In 2003 the course came to an end and a short family break at Butlins was arranged. In one of the swimming pools they were offering try-dives – an adventure too good to miss. After an hour and a half with a one-legged instructor I was hooked and the following Sunday I was at Gildy signing up for the open-water course.In the 1990s I used to pre-press Diver magazine, getting to see all the wonderful photographs and read the exciting stories before anybody else, promising myself that one day I would have a go.

Since qualifying I have dived in Malta, Fuerteventura, Italy and around the coast of Great Britain. I have also been lucky enough to get away each year for a week to Scapa Flow in the Orkneys to dive on the scuttled German fleet.

My passion in diving is photography and I can often be seen swimming around taking photos. So if you see me with camera in hand don’t forget to smile:)

Away from diving I am a web developer creating dynamic interactive websites.