Discover Scuba

Discover Scuba is the perfect introduction into Diving, so sign up today and jump in!

Let our Dive In video instructor, Jesse, present this page to you in the video below…

Are you curious about scuba, but not ready for a commitment? Do you ever wonder what it’s like to breathe underwater, and experience the underwater world? Then Dive In to Discover Scuba Diving. One easy session in the pool gives you a feel for breathing underwater. It’s for everyone age 10 and up. Perfect for scouts, guides, and birthday splash parties, or for corporate parties, anniversaries, or any special occasion!

The Perfect Beginning to Diving

The Discover Scuba experience at only £35 does not give you a qualification, but if you try it, and like it, you can progress onto our Open Water Diver Course.

Contact Us for More Details

Discover Scuba is available at any of our weekly Friday evening pool sessions, and at our monthly Saturday or Sunday pool sessions. Contact us at to book.