Underwater Naturalist

Learn extensively about the wildlife in the water and become familiar with what to expect in different waters!

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The Underwater Naturalist Course

The Underwater Naturalist Diver Course is designed to be an introduction to the underwater aquatic environment, and to help the student diver develop safe and responsible interaction with aquatic life.

This is a course to remind you that we are only guests in the aquatic realm. Learn about aquatic life groupings and interactions, and the hazards of diving in different environments. You’ll identify life forms native to specific dive sites, and become more aware of the underwater world.

The Course Covers

The planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems and hazards of diving in different aquatic environments
A basic overview of the major aquatic life groupings known as kingdoms and phyla
Factual information that dispels myths about potentially dangerous aquatic life
An overview of basic aquatic interactions and associations
Responsible human interactions in the underwater world
Diving technique used to help preserve bottom dwelling aquatic life, and minimize disturbance