Underwater Digital Photography

Learn how to get the perfect underwater photo!

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Underwater Digital Photography

The PADI Underwater Digital Photography program is a two-part introduction to digital underwater photography, centred around point-and-shoot digital cameras. It may be split into two certifications to suit your availability, Level One and Level Two, or be conducted as a continuous course, resulting in a Level Two certification.

Whether you’re a snorkeler, certified diver, or a diver in training, aged 10 or older, you can develop the knowledge, skills, and practical techniques necessary to take stunning underwater photos with a digital camera, even on your first photo dive! Throughout, you’ll receive advice on camera set up and care, and how to get the most from the specific camera you’ll be using on the dives.

Level One covers
Learning about the digital revolution, digital  cameras, general digital and underwater photography, basic underwater shooting and the PADI SEA Method
Proper entry techniques, care for the environment, and white  balance
Taking a variety of horizontal and vertical  photos
Using a White Balance Slate

And, Level Two covers
Learning about the digital file formats, image  resolution, composition, basic strobe use, and getting proper exposure

Contrast, sharpness, colour and composition using the PADI SEA Method

Digital Photography Workflo Workshop.

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