Sea Signs

Learn how to communicate underwater with the sea sign language course!

Let our Dive In video instructor, James, present this page to you in the video below…

How many times have you missed seeing something, or surfaced early because you could not communicate with your buddy?

Wow! Look at that beautiful blue fish, near the black coral. My tank strap is loose, can you fix it now? or, You have a small air leak in your BCD, but it’s not dangerous.

How would you currently get these messages over to your buddy? Probably with difficulty. Yes? But it’s easy, with the vocabulary of the one hundred and forty signs that you learn on this course.

Whether you need to show your buddy something fun, or to let your buddy know about a possible or actual problem, Sea Signs has a vocabulary chosen especially for divers. As a recreational diver, or a professional, it’s a quick, effective and inexpensive tool for communicating underwater that is easy and fun to learn, teach, and use.

Based on American Sign Language, and Signed English, this course is approved by major SCUBA certifying agencies. It quickly teaches you to hold basic conversations underwater. Ideal as a fun way for families or buddies, to chat on their dives and get more from every dive.

Sea Signs is also a useful tool for divemasters and instructors. When you need to put across important and concise information to your professional team members, you’ll be able to better point out safety issues underwater, or easily and precisely show interesting animals to divers in the group.