Understand Peak Performance Buoyancy (PPB) with this course and learn all the tricks to optimise your dive time!

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Buoyancy skills are extremely important, particularly for newly qualified divers.

The purpose of the PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy (PPB) Speciality course, is to polish a diver’s buoyancy control, beyond the Open Water Diver level. The goal is to enhance your buoyancy abilities, through knowledge development, and practical skills practice.

The course covers PPB fundamentals, such as

Basic Weighting Guidelines
How to do a Buoyancy check
Visualization techniques prior to dives
Weight position and distribution
Trim in the water
Fine-tuning buoyancy underwater
Establishing neutral buoyancy, during all segments of a dive
Really impressive Hovering

How many times have you missed seeing something, or surfaced early because you could not communicate with your buddy?