Drysuit and Thermal Wear

Don’t Dive In unprepared, check out our wide range of Drysuits and Thermal wear!

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Drysuit and Thermal Wear

It’s really important, for our students and customers, to be properly equipped for all seasons of the year, especially the colder months. So we’ve made the proper investment in drysuit and thermal wear protection, to ensure you’re warm during your training dives.

As well as holding over 50 Dry suits in a wide range of sizes, for both men and women, in our rental store, we are also equipped with 20 complete sets of Arctic Thermal tops leggings and socks, which are issued with all Dry suit rentals, and to Dive In students on courses where school Dry suits are being used.

Considered by many divers to be the warmest under suit in scuba diving, the Xerotherm Arctic, combines outstanding performance with additional thermal layering. It employs the latest developments in exposure protection for divers, in the most extreme environmental conditions.

The combination of fast wicking, and high insulation fabrics, creates a micro climate around the diver, keeping the body dry and warm. High density inner fleece provides superior insulation, and maximum comfort. The outer layer, with water repellent finish, ensures a snug fit.

For year round use, underneath neoprene or trilaminate dry suits, Xerotherm Arctic is the perfect lightweight under suit for dry suit diving. It even performs when wet. So in situations when a dry suit has flooded, the Xerotherm Arctic continues to provide thermal protection. And it’s fully machine washable.

Halo 3D Under suit

We’ve also got a selection of the new Fourth Element Halo 3D under suit in our rental store, the ultimate for cold water diving. If you’re one of our students, you’ll be given a correctly fitting dry suit and under suit for your course.

Try Before You Buy

If you’re just visiting us for an open water dive, and you’ve got your own dry suit, why not try out an under suit before you buy one? If you’re making the investment, it’s got to do the job. So rent a complete Arctic set, or a Halo 3D, and if you like it, the rental fee will be rebated from your subsequent purchase. It’s our try before you buy rental rebate program, which we pioneered in the diving industry. And we are still one of the few centres where you can do that!