Skin Diver

Enrol in a Skin Diver course today and make good use of it on your next holiday!

skin diver


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Both kids and adults, who love snorkeling, but haven’t properly trained, will love this pool-based program for ages 8 and up. Snorkelling introduces youngsters to the underwater world, and increases their comfort with underwater experiences. It is a great way to spend the summer. Adults who learn proper snorkelling techniques can really enjoy snorkelling safely on holiday. Learn to snorkel the right way, to PADI Skin Diver standards and practices, whilst taking part in games that develop snorkelling abilities and confidence.

The Course includes

• Use of our Equipment
• The Science of Diving
• The Aquatic Environment
• Problem Management
• Safe Snorkelling Practices
• Buoyancy
• Surface Swimming
• Snorkel Clearing
• Performing Surface Dives
• Free Diving

What do you get

Upon completion of this course, students receive a PADI Certificate and PADI Certification Card, and because this course is internationally recognised, qualifiers can use their certification card whilst snorkelling abroad, as proof that they completed the course.