Reactivate (Scuba Review)

Haven’t been Diving in years but are looking to Dive back in? PADI Reactivate (Scuba Review) is the perfect course for you!

scuba review

Scuba Diving

Let our Dive In video instructor, John, present this page to you in the video below…

Are you a qualified diver, but it’s been some time since you dived? Play-it safe, with our Scuba Review program, and regain confidence before diving again.

We’ll organise whichever of the following sessions you need

Session 1 consists of an online PADI Reactivate study programme, followed by a quick review  session with your instructor. This-is recommended for divers who have been inactive for a couple of years or more.

Session 2 consists of a full review and pool practice of all the confined water skills from the Open Water course, with extra practice of any of the skills you feel less comfortable with. (this session is mandatory)

Session 3 consists of an Open Water Dive, including a thorough review of equipment assembly, weighting, and buoyancy skills, as well as a local area dive.