Scuba Diver to Open Water Diver

Finished your Scuba Diver course and want more? Advance quickly to your Open Water Diver qualification!

Let our Dive In video instructor, Jane, present this page to you in the video below…

Upgrade from a Scuba Diver Course to a Open Water course in a few easy stages. We’ll run a refresher session for you if you haven’t dived for a while, before moving onto the Open Water Course. And, we also offer an extra open water dive for local area orientation for anyone who hasn’t dived in the UK before.

What you’re entitled to

If you were awarded Scuba Diver instead of Open Water Diver, only because you didn’t complete the Open Water course in the allotted time, we can check your training record for you. You’ll only need to pay for and take the remaining modules needed to complete your Open Water course.