Open Water Courses for Juniors, the perfect transition into traditional diving!

Who is it for

The Open Water Course isn’t just for adults, it’s designed for juniors as well. Anyone from 10 years old and upwards can enrol. Watch in amazement as your child progresses step-by-step, from introduction to scuba, to open water diving, on the junior open water course, building both their skills and their confidence.

Wide range of schedules make it easier than ever!

The Open Water course schedules that are best suited to juniors are those that spread the training over a number of stages, rather than the more intensive 2 weekend or 5 day schedules.

More Information

Check the course calendar (“view all events”) on the right hand side of our home page for the 3-Step Open Water Course schedule and the Extended Open Water Course Schedule. Alternatively contact us at info@divein.co.uk and we will email you the various options.